Innovation and Openness

GREENBAUM Institute is living a culture of innovation and technical excellence and brings together a set of highly complementary cloud, big data, mobile and IoT technologies. We are creating the opportunity to develop and bring to market vertically integrated services and solutions that deliver extraordinary simplicity and value to our customers.

Hybrid, Modern and Open

We investigate and develop solutions in collaboration with you and our excellence partner network. Together with our experts, we bring your processes in line with centralized and decentralized systems to give you control and flexibility in all daily decisions. Our products support cross cloud portability, and the API Gateway is based on Node.j's Total.js development framework to maximize development speed and application performance.

BigData & Cloud Computing

Together with our Partner network, we explore new ways of economic high-performance computing. As each industry has its own specific requirements, we work with you to develop tailored big data strategies that align industry experience with innovative analytics.

BlockChain Economics

Blockchain is the foundation for the second era of the internet – an internet of value, where anything of value, including money, our identities, cultural assets like music, and even a vote can be stored, managed, transacted, and moved in a secure, private way. Blockchain is poised to transform every industry and managerial function —redefining the way we make transactions, share ideas, and manage workflows.

IoT, Internet of Things

In 2013 the Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things (IoTGSI) defined the IoT as the infrastructure of the information society. GREENBAUM researches in five basic areas: Sensor technologies, Local processing, Networking models, Data Science and Predictive Technologies, Machine Learning and Security.

Machine Learning

AML, applied machine learning methods and systems are increasingly finding their way into industry and our everyday lifes and are changing our lifes sustainably. Our Team investigates the different aspects of the influences and develops basics for the human-machine interface. Applied research with universities and faculties in a relaxed environment enables a creative and free approach to the new challenges of our work and private life.

„Let go and create - Say goodbye to what does not serve life and allow yourself to create new circumstances.“

Christina Kessler
Pionier in Enterprise Open Source

Pionier in Enterprise Open Source

The Important Role of Commercial Distributions! Why do enterprises want open source? This is the most asked question we've been researching on since the last years. One of our major projects.

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Research advanced cycling economics

Research advanced cycling economics

One of the biggest quests of humans are recaicling energy and hold the eco system of resources in a balance with our natur.

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Sponsor of Total.js

Sponsor of Total.js

Becoming a Partner of the professional opensource community Total.js, based in Slovakia and founded by Peter Sirka. GREENBAUM Institute is very happy and proud of the work we've done the last years together. Building up an Enterprise ready OpenSource Ecosystem.

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Cut Storage Costs by 50%

When one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers wanted to reduce their large and exponentially growing AWS bill for object storage, and regain control of their data, they turned to Triton Object Storage and a Private Region solution from GREENBAUM.

Cut Compute Costs by 80%

When one of the world's most recognizable fashion retailers wanted to reduce the cost of their VMware-based private cloud, and improve their development velocity, they turned to Triton Compute and a self-managed private cloud, augmented by GREENBAUM Cloud services.

Harden Security Profiles

When one of the world’s largest mobile device makers launched an iris scanning service to secure its devices and authorize financial transactions, they turned to Triton Compute, and a Private Region solution from GREENBAUM, to meet their heightened security requirements.

Improve Operator Efficiency

When one of the world’s largest retailers began building out its mobile commerce platform, they turned to Triton Compute and a self managed private cloud, augmented by expert support for both its development framework (Node.js) and its cloud infrastructure.

Optimize Network Performance

When a market innovator disrupting the VOIP industry began rapidly scaling their cloud infrastructure on AWS, they found that AWS could not meet their networking needs and turned to Triton Compute on GREENBAUM Cloud to satisfy their requirements.

Ensure Cross-cloud Portability

When a startup looking to disrupt the content delivery network space needed an internet scale, yet simple to operate, container runtime for their API gateway service, they leveraged Triton's Open Services Platform and ContainerPilot to quickly go to market.
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